Becoming A Father

the mommy daddyby John Dadlez aka The Mommy Daddy

I don’t really remember that much about how I felt when I first became a father. To be honest, the first four months were a total blur, I was so sleep deprived. My wife and I have triplets.

Let me back up a bit.

When we found out we were having triplets, after we overcame the initial shock, my wife was put on a diet of 4000 calories a day. Yep, you heard right, 4000 calories! She was eating for four. Suddenly this one time Vegan became a ravenous carnivore that demanded double cheese burgers, fries and chocolate milkshakes. I wish I had stock in her favorite hamburger chain. Their sales must’ve gone through the roof.

And then the “Tittie Fairy” came.

My wife went from a really nice “C” cup to double “F’s”.  All that crap I heard about “Crazy Pregnancy Sex” wasn’t true. She kept saying, “Don’t even think about touching them, THEY HURT!” And then, since she was a high risk pregnancy, our doctor put a ban on sex for the entire duration.

Over the entire period she gained 75 pounds and it was all in front. From behind she didn’t even look pregnant. When she finally delivered, after 36 weeks, she immediately lost 45 pounds in the delivery!

From the moment she went into the hospital to deliver, I’ve been traveling at warp speed through life. My kids were in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit for a while before they came home. That was a lot of driving back and forth to the hospital carrying breast milk to give to the nurses, scrubbing up and wearing face masks while there to sit with the babies so that they would bond with me.

One thing that really shocked me was how many of the parents of these Neonatal kids didn’t show up to see their kids! It was a regular conversation between myself and the nurses. My wife and I busted our butts to get in there every possible moment we could. The hospital had professional snugglers come in to hold the babies so that they would get human contact.

When the triplets finally came home, I do remember things like the round the clock feedings every two hours. We went through at least 36 bottles of formula and breast milk a day, and 48 diaper changes. Thank God we had help from relatives and friends, but they could go home after a while.

There is no way anyone could have possibly prepared us for what it was going to be like those first six months.  When they finally slept through the night for the first time, my joy was so great I think I actually cried. Even though sleeping through the night actually meant about five straight hours of sleep-hey, I was happy to get that!

Since then things have become a lot better.  We’ve also added another one, my boy Matthew. Things are pretty crazy around here but it’s our state of normal. Would I do it all again?

You bet.